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Frequently Asked Questions

We've collated a list of FAQs and important information to help you stay safe and comfortable in your Park Home. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call Killarney Homes on 0115 965 2426.

What is a Park Home?

A park home is a detached bungalow-style property, built and designed to be lived in permanently, usually set within a secure, private park. In law, they are known as ‘mobile homes’ and are covered by their own legislation (Mobile Homes Act 2013).

They differ from conventional dwellings as they are prefabricated in a factory to British Standard BS3632, using predominately timber and modern forms of insulation. The homes are then delivered to the park in two parts which are then assembled on site.

The homes at Willow Park have all the necessities of a standard home and more. They include a fully fitted kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dressing room, open plan living room/dining room, central heating and electric fire etc. As the building is prefabricated customers can choose their own layout, furnishings, colour and kitchen designs, giving them a huge degree of flexibility.

There are several other benefits of buying and living in a park home. They are significantly cheaper than traditional brick-built properties, putting more money in your pocket. They are also cheaper to maintain and run, with triple glazing and double the insulation of a standard home, they can reduce your current heating bills by up to 50%. Park Homes also qualify for the lowest council tax band, saving you even more!

Download this handy Park Home Living Guide.

Cold Callers

There has been news from Killarney Park that several ‘rogue traders’ have been trying to gain business from residents on the park. Please be cautious before making any payments for work carried out. If you are unsure of their opinion on the work required then please contact the office and we can make arrangements to come and see you. Alternatively, please call Nottingham Crime Prevention on 101 to report the cold callers. If you are concerned that the callers pose a threat, are abusive or persistent then call 999.

Gas Safety

The tragic news over the weekend of a family found dead in their park home, with Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning the suspected cause serves as stark reminder of the importance of advising residents of CO risks.

CO is poisonous and known as the ‘invisible killer’ since it is colourless, tasteless and odourless. It is produced when carbon (including gas, wood, oil or barbecue coals) is burned with insufficient oxygen. Poisoning happens when CO is inhaled, even at very low levels.

If you use gas in your home it is your responsibility to ensure you have all the necessary safety measures in place.

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