Take a look at the many testimonials from some of the most satisfied residents throughout our beautiful parks.

Killarney Park

"This was our dream home, and the view from up here is lovely!"

Sue & Brian

"It is beautiful…like being on holiday permanently."


"I’ve only got to step out the door and I’m in the countryside. The people are very nice on the park, I’ve got good neighbours – it’s got everything going for it!"


"If you’re looking for somewhere safe, with a friendly atmosphere and no worries then come to Killarney Park."

Harold & Margaret


"The homes are so much easier to maintain than a traditional house, and there’s just enough garden. All the staff onsite are always friendly and go out of their way to help you. It’s like being on holiday in the countryside."

Jean and John

Willow Park

"It’s one of the best surroundings for park homes we’ve found. Lots of parks have homes lined up in rows with very little garden space or greenery. The landscape here at Willow Park is designed to enhance the park which is so lovely."

"It’s so peaceful. We’ve found that since moving to a park home our bills are less, there is little maintenance needed our home is cost effective to run, need very little maintenance and everything is all on one floor, so perfect."

David & Barbara

"Anyone considering making the move needs to just go for it!"

Terry & Thelma